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Quality Control

Proselect is an ISO9001 certified Smart Watch Manufacturer.

Operate under all quality and process control operating procedures. We will strive for total customer satisfaction by continuous improvement for the Quality and the Processes of all our business activities to deliver high quality of product and premium value products on time

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1. Install Mainboard

It's the core and base step to install the mainboard correct. Product function definition, MD structure size and board sieze the standard, hardware operation interface development, inteligent algorithm development.Component selection and finalization, board design drawing and non-performing rate control specification

GLueing Smart Watch Manufacturer

2. Touch Panel and Glueing

As the mini smart watch don’t have enough space to install keyboard, the touch panel is the most popular input method to smart watch, like swapping, clicking, flipping, most of the touch panel are integrated with glue, this step make the glue on the case.

Waterprooftest Smart Watch Manufacturer
vacuum&waterproof test Smart Watch Manufacturer
Waterproof text Smart Watch Manufacturer

3. Waterproof&Vacuum Test

Like the standard IP68 test, all the watches are strictly controlled in the standard, and it go through the test from water and vacuum, No flaws could forward to next step.

Visual Inspeciton Smart Watch Manufacturer
visual test Smart Watch Manufacturer

4. Visual Inspection

Visual inspection is the very key process in smartwatch making, not only the closer looking at the performence, but also a professional solution for quality control. The failed product will be picked out for repairing or to be replaced.

functional test Smart Watch Manufacturer

5. Functioanl Test

If the visual inspection is finding if the watch is qualified from the outlook, the functional testing is to guarentee the watch is perfect from inside. All the functions is running vell, and there is no flaw in using it.

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6. Packing

Finally, after small batch trial production, product inspection, the watches are delicately cleaned and carefully inspected. For the very last step, the watches are placed into their packaging and shipped all over the world!

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