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A professional R&D team of dozens of people provides users with more professional customized services. You only need to provide one of your ideas, and we will help you realize your ideas.
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IF You are Troubled with following Questions

Lack of timely access to market and supply information?

We regularly provide you with market and supply information on smart wearables.

How can you choose among the many smartwatch models without help?

Quickly improve the Internet of things ecological products, become the industry leader

Can't you meet the high moQ of OEM smartwatches?

OEM smartwatches with the right moQ can help you quickly build your brand.

Why choose Proselect as your smart watch OEM/ODM manufacturer
Whether innovating our Smartwatches or our Fitness Trackers, Proselect is continually focused on producing high quality and delivering the unprecedented performance.

Strong smartwatch supply chain:

Proselect has a broad product range and we have a leading factory in Shenzhen, China, as well as strong partnerships with major raw material suppliers and assembly plants to support consistent quality and fast delivery times.

Strong production capacity:

With more than 9 years of experience in the smartwatch industry, we manufacture products based on modern manufacturing process of ERP system, all production is under strict management. With 10+ independent production lines, the daily output can reach 30K, which is why we can support large local chain stores with monthly shipments of 400K.

OEM & ODM capability:

As for OEM smartwatch customization, except some necessary OEM parts such as case color, strap material, UI, language, icon customization. We also offer a higher level of customization to make our products 100% suitable for terminal application scenarios.

R&d engineering team:

The r&d team is dedicated to the innovation and algorithm research of smart watches. They're working on smartwatches. These watches can accurately monitor the body changes of different people in different usage scenarios, providing customized solutions for customers.

Extensive product line:

Due to its early entry into the smart wear industry, DT NO.I has accumulated brand awareness around the world, especially in Europe. Products are exported to the United States, Spain, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Brazil, Australia, Asia Pacific, Africa and other more than 30 countries and regions.

Quality control:

*CE includes EMC and LV

* RoHS environmental protection

* Smartwatch security MSDS

*FCC North American Market

OEM smartwatch customization process
No need to research products and designs, save time and investment, and use the latest unique products to seize the market in the first time

Step 1

Select some samples from existing items in the factory for testing

Step 2

Identify one or more SKUs for your OEM smartwatch

Step 3

Launch OEM smartwatch projects such as logos, UI or packaging.

Step 4

It will have different moQ for different OEM customizations.

ODM smartwatch customization process
You own the ID and ownership of the product. Appearance patents, functional patents, etc. can be registered.

Step 1

Defining smartwatch features and functions

Step 2

If all functions can be achieved, then the customer provides the drawings or design of the smartwatch

Step 3

according to the above two steps, determine the CPU, sensor and other main raw materials. This will determine the cost and quality of smartwatches

Step 4

it is also necessary to have a general understanding the MOQ would be 20000 as the initial order.

Step 5

Sign ODM smartwatch project agreement, including timeline, samples, bulk ordering time, patent issues, etc.

Step 6

The customer pays the ODM fee, and then the smartwatch vendor starts the customization work according to the agreement

Step 7

Sample after tooling, batch sample

Step 8

Start bulk ordering

OEM & ODM Smart Watch MOQ
According to the wholesale, distribution, gift promotion and other different sales channels, to provide you with the most suitable products.

Smart watch OEM Program



Smart watch Color Box customization
Buckle and Laser LOGO
Boot Screen and LOGO
Other customizations
Marketing Service
Promotional material support
After Sales Support
Value-added services
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Smart watch ODM Program



Smart watch ID design
Appearance color customization
Appearance process customization
Built-in App customization
Smart watch software customization
Watch strap laser LOGO
Packaging customization (protective film, color box packaging, manual, cartoon box)
Other customizations & Service
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Smart watch ODM Program



APP customization
Open SDK
Smart watch Softwart customization
Appearance Color Customization
Boot Screen and LOGO
Packaging Customization
After Sales Support
Strap customization
Other Customization
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